Bantu Noun Classes: A Problem?

In the high school where I studied, there was a janitor called Okedi. He was from the Northern part of Uganda but I can’t remember exactly where. Okedi was a most hilarious man. He would crack us up whenever he dissed or even attempting to diss someone. Interestingly he roasted both students and teachers, the … Continue reading Bantu Noun Classes: A Problem?

Sell Talent, experiences

I hope this won’t be my last business and technology week article. I did not anticipate how busy I would get during the blogging challenge month. I remember saying that I was geared up for advocacy week before I ended up getting cold winter fingers. I can’t believe I looked at the blank document on … Continue reading Sell Talent, experiences


photo: @totalillness_ What charges you up to create? Day 3 ✨ People are energized by different things. Some people are energized by interesting ideas and others by compliments. Other people are energized by monetary incentives, or the need to make a change or even the need to prove a point. And some others are energized … Continue reading Energy