Sell Talent, experiences

I hope this won’t be my last business and technology week article. I did not anticipate how busy I would get during the blogging challenge month. I remember saying that I was geared up for advocacy week before I ended up getting cold winter fingers. I can’t believe I looked at the blank document on … Continue reading Sell Talent, experiences

Activism not Politics

I’ve been unable to submit a blog post for about two days which means that I have failed the blogging challenge. I could either slouch in a depression of disappointment and failure or I could, like a good dictator, choose to ignore the truth of my loss and instead fabricate my own results that will … Continue reading Activism not Politics


photo: @totalillness_ What charges you up to create? Day 3 ✨ People are energized by different things. Some people are energized by interesting ideas and others by compliments. Other people are energized by monetary incentives, or the need to make a change or even the need to prove a point. And some others are energized … Continue reading Energy

Safe in your monstrous teeth

Your countryIs a gentle, giantBeast With a garden in it's mouthIt walksOn a journey of hopeTaking us, as grainsIn it's mouth.We grow up in it's mouthAnd sproutAnd multiplyAnd die.All the way, it plodsOn the path of hopeTo somewhereCareful not to use it's mouthFor chewing It's its promiseTo usAnd it's duty It's sadWhen you are killedBy … Continue reading Safe in your monstrous teeth