A Feminist rant!

Jessica Andrade Now that you're here, I just want to specify that this a feminist extremist rant. Which is what I am. It may not seem like it, but I'm a feminist. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those feminists who know what they are talking about. I'm one of those ignorant, incoherent and toxic feminists … Continue reading A Feminist rant!

How I Escape Covid-19 in UG: Easy Hacks

By M.K. Rushokye First of all, did you guys hear about how the UN removed marijuana from dangerous drugs list? Crazy. No one feels it yet but what a time to be alive. Imagine, in a few years, wedding party organisers having to add to their budgets, ‘five crates of beers for the bako(in-laws), three … Continue reading How I Escape Covid-19 in UG: Easy Hacks